All for naught

Posted: Friday, December 08, 2006

On Nov. 15, day two of the latest special session, Anchorage Representative Les Gara summed it up before it was over. He called it "$25,000 a day to spin your wheels."

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And for six days that is exactly what they did. The governor called his fourth special session so the state could comply with a court order (one he received before the special session). Instead of complying, the Legislature passed a resolution asking for more time, passed a law saying the state can't comply with the court order and decided to spend more than a million extra dollars on a public vote that does nothing.

In other words, they spun their wheels.

At $25,000 per day, Rep. Gara pointed out, Alaskans should expect either some substance or a very quick adjournment. Instead, we spent a huge amount of money to send a letter to the judges of the Supreme Court, pass a law that won't even become a law until after the court's deadline (and wouldn't have any effect if it did) and ask Alaskans what they think.

All of this could have been accomplished with a $.39 stamp and a pollster. Instead, they spun their wheels on our dime or rather our 250,000 dimes per day. As Anchorage Sen. Con Bunde said, it was "all this motion for no apparent gain." This special session was all for nothing.

Harvey Marvin


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