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Posted: Friday, December 08, 2006

Thank you for the shrine's fundraising success

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Shrine of St. Therese Gives Thanks for Successful Fund Raiser The Shrine of St. Therese wishes to express a special thanks to individuals and businesses who supported the Shrine of St. Therese 20th Annual Endowment Fund Raiser by giving of their time, talent, or gift donations held Oct. 21nd . Our superb chef, Laraine Derr, with the help of her hard working cheerful crew, Romer Derr, Sharon Barton, Chiska Derr, her friend, Dean, Bill and Gretchen Pence, Rita Klaudt, Matt Grauman, & Roger Arsua produced a superb dinner enjoyed by all. The Catholic Teen Ministry, consisting of Corey Hansen, Richard Ringle, Maddie Nolan, Merijke Coenraad, Lindy Olmstead, Emily Smith, Lael Rogers, Nico Glocke, and Chavi Jones, under the guidance of their fine youth leader, Sarah Rensel, provided a full table service with poise and pleasantness

Additional grateful thanks to Tom Satre, Tish Griffen, Sharon Kelly, Alison Browne, Bill Peters, Duck Creek Market, Juneau Historic Steamboat, Rosie Good, Pat and Jim Costa, Alaska Wholesale, Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adv., Mount Roberts Tram Goldbelt Corp., Maria Astra, Fuji Viator, Bear's Lair, Gallery of the North, Dutch Knight, A.J.Gastineau Mill Mine Tour, Temsco Helicopters, Twisted Fish Restaurant, Caribou Crossings, Barbara Pavitt, Ed & Catalina Haney, Wings of Alaska, Taku Glacier Lodge, Alaska Zipline Adventures, Fred's Auto, Phillip J. Witt, ERA Helicopters, Princess Cruises, Baranof Hotel, Western Auto, Ruth Legg, Tongass Regional Eye Clinic, AK Trav.Adv., Allen Marine, Alaska Laundry & Dry Cleaners, Gray Line of America, Annette Lockhart, Mary Dornbirer, Adventure Bound Alaska, Virginia Smiley, Colleen Sullivan, Thane Ore House, Law Offices of Faulkner-Banfield, White Pass &Yukon Railroad, Cris and Lonie Fermin, Ed's Edible Landscaping, Cameron Plumbing, Taku Smokeries, Fr. Thomas Weiss & Cathedral Parish, Laura Glaiser, Gastineau Guiding, Dan & Carol Johnson, Taku Oil, Lora Mallinger, Lori and Tony Yorba, Udder Culture, Western Auto, Seventh Heaven, Zeela Bryn Mawr, Scott Snodgrass, Polly Dewey, Jacob Mallinger Stonework, Roger & Liza Arsua, Sally's B & B, Peggy Garrison, Baxter-Bruce & Sullivan, Macaulay Salmon Hatchery, Northstar Trekking, Janie Cesar, Four Seasons Tours, Frank Homan, Bobbie Lowden, Food Services of America, Alaska Brewing Co., Laurie Logsdon, Naida James, Virginia Smiley, Sam Bertoni, Mile Zero B & B, Valley Lumber Company, Coastal Helicopters, Noel & Shari Grant, Martha's Weddings and Flowers, Hesson & Deacons Acc. Service, Alaska Club, Breeze-In, Mark Kelly Photo., Nugget AK Outfitter, Rachel Jurasz, Wendy Sellick, Laura Glaiser and Heritage Coffee Company.

Thanks, too, for all those who purchased the Shrine Dinner Tickets so that this fund raiser would be successful. If there are any businesses or individuals who have been overlooked, we deeply regret this error very much and would appreciate being contacted regarding the oversight. We do invite the community to the Shrine of St. Therese; it is open daily at 8:30am and keep in mind that the Chapel is now moderately heated. If you want more information about reserving a Shrine facility or about any aspect of the Shrine itself, you can find such on the Shrine Web:

Thomas P. Fitterer


Thank you for the tree and santa

project's success

Thank you for putting our event in as a public service announcement.Thank you to Chatham Electric for the boom truck for stringing the tree.

Thank you to the Alaska Department of Transportation and the Juneau Police Department for the street closure permit of Third Street between G and E streets. Thank you to the city of Juneau Public Works, Street Division for the barricades. Also, thanks to all Douglas Fourth of July Committee members, the Douglas Methodist Church, Treadwell Arena and friends who worked to make our annual community event a success.

Due to cold winds and deep snow about 100 people attended the event inside the Church. The Douglas Community Methodist Church furnishes their tree and power source. While families were dashing inside, the Douglas Methodist Men furnished coffee, cider, hot chocolate and cookies from the church's new kitchen. Friends helped serve and visit. Reverend Imelda opened the event with an invocation. Douglas 4th of July President, Pat Peterson gave the welcome. Pack 10 Cub Scouts and Girl Scout Troops 24 and 36 sang carols. Then, the audience joined in singing carols.

Douglas folks followed Mayor Bruce Botelho outside to the tree. There was cheering when he turned the lights on. Most returned inside out of the cold for more refreshments.

The arena was warmer than outside. Greg Smith and Treadwell Arena staff has done a nice job on holiday decorations and music. It was a fun Skate with Santa event.

Thank you to Steve Foster for skating with the children. The skate for children under 12 was free and sponsored by the Douglas 4th of July Committee.

The Douglas 4th of July Committee wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Susanne Williams

Tree and Santa project


Thank you for plowing the streets

Thank you to all the folks working long hours to stay ahead of the snow. Slogging through plow chatter, slush, into the streets to avoid berms is just the way of it for those of us who are pedestrians and bus patrons in the winter. There's a camaraderie on the 7 a.m. bus into downtown from Douglas that only exists in the winter... likely born of a mutual appreciation that each of us has added a notch in our "10-miles-uphill-in-the-snow" belt to pass on to our kids- just to get to the bus stop.

Good humor, warm clothes, and accommodating bus drivers make it all work.

Well, almost all.

The bus pullout just past Crowhill Drive is apparently an orphan public facility. DOT plows Douglas Highway, city of Juneau plows city streets and no one plows that bus pullout. The pullout itself, when usable, makes a great deal of sense. Drivers approaching Douglas at that point have just crested a rise at 40 miles per hour. The pullout not only allows passengers a safe place to get on and off, it gets the bus out of traffic and clears the line-of-sight for drivers at the base of Crowhill waiting to get on the highway. Currently the drifts and plow chatter are over waist high and buses have to discharge passengers in the roadway. Worse will come when it rains and there is flooding at that site. I've spent two winters now of hoping someone would adopt that pullout. Thinking evil thoughts about folks who dream up projects but don't take care of them has warmed me up many a time after stepping off the bus into watery, icy slush well past my knee high boots.

Phone calls today, to the city and DOT, have left me feeling that MAYBE somebody would plow that pullout - just not who, or when, or really, if. Hmmmm.

TA Toon


Thank you for giving to the Lions Club

The Mendenhall Flying Lions Club completed their 11th annual Diabetes Barbecue and Auction on November 4th. This event raised $10,500 for the local chapter of ADA. We would like to send a thank you to all of the generous people who showed up to participate in either the barbecue or the auction. We were able to sellout the ribs before the auction began.

G.W. Teal allowed us to use their premises and provided the support to make this event possible. Pappy Poe and family again donated their time and expertise to smoke the ribs. Thanks to Teddy's Tasty Meats (Anchorage) for the donation of the ribs, Alaska Airlines for shipping and Food Services of America and Super Bear for their food contributions.

The support of the following businesses and individuals, as always, made it possible: Action Appliance, Alaska Distributors, Alaska Brewing, Alaska Industrial Hardware, Alaska Seaplanes, Allen Marine, Rachel Atkinson, Brandi Billings, Susan Bowman, Cameron Plumbing, Capital Office Supply, Channel Construction/Aggpro, Coastal Helicopters, Copy Works, Costco, Doc Water's Pub, Robert Galua, Glacier Muffler and Mechanical, Glacier Restaurant, Goldbelt/Mt. Roberts Tram, Gourmet Alaska, Cheryl Hall, Harri's Marine, Hearthside Books, Hummingbird Hollow Gifts, Bob Hurley, Ice Strait Point, Jade Shop, Jewel Box, K and L Distributors, L.A.B., Les Schwab, McDonald's, Jerry Melton, NAPA, Nugget Alaskan Outfitter, Odom Corporation, Office Plus, Paschal Winery, Parts Plus Auto, Play It Again Sports, Printing Trade Company, Prospector Hotel, Quiet Thyme, Ron's Apothecary, SE Alaska Backcountry Adventures, SE Alaska Panhandlers MC, SE Fire Extinguisher, Southeast Artworks, Southeast Powersports, Taku Harley Davidson, Temsco Helicopters, Tim's Woodworking, Triangle Bar, Valley Lumber, Steve Wagemaker, Ward Air, Western Auto, Marty White, Bruce Wing, Wings of Alaska, Xandi's Treasure Chest and ZEN.

Please thank these merchants and individuals for their continued support of this fun event.

Additionally, without the tremendous support of the DJs of KSUP, KINY, KJNO and KTKU, we would not have been as successful.

Thank you all.

Mendenhall Flying Lions Club


3rd annual Grandma's Inc. Thanksgiving Dinner, a succes

On behalf of Grandma's Inc. we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the following that donated or assisted with our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. First, and foremost to President Andrew Ebona, ANB Camp 2 for their continued support and 8 turkey donations, to President Edward Thomas of Central Council for not only his continued support but his great staff as well for keeping us in mind for any cooking jobs and/or their attendance with our fundraisers, James & Gloria Jack-turkey, Sandra Jack-turkey, Beatrice Brown-turkey, Charla Bennett Family-15 pumpkin pies/whipped cream, Clarrisa Paulo-dessert, Georgia Finau-vegetables, Roberta Fawcett-$100 from Frank Fawcett payoff, ham, salads, dessert items, Jackie Johnson for fry bread, Minita Gonzales-turkey, Pepsi Bottling Company-8 cases of soft drinks, Ric Iannolino $24, Myrna Brown 2 ANB Camp 2 bingo sets, 2 turkeys, 2 desserts, Augustus Brown Swimming Pool 10 youth passes, TANF 3 office collection sets, Jerry Ann Gray $10, Geri Mata $20, Alaska Litho $50, Juneau T&H Community Council $100, Breakwater Restaurant $25 lunch certificate, Hazel Hope $30, Central Council logo items, Goldbelt Mount Roberts Tram 10 day passes, Treadwell Arena for two passes, and Diane Carrier's continued assistance in offering transportation to either shop or pick up items. Grandmas Inc purchased movie and McDonald's passes that were also given away. A special thank you to Janice Bennett for volunteering and MC'ing this event; excellent job. Last but not least to the following volunteers: Percy Douglas, Jordon Sharclane, Dan Sharclane, Robert Sharclane, Chris Sheldon, Daniel Smith, Walter Brown, Ida & Carlos Rabbet, Stuie Jacobs, Myrna Foster, Roberta Fawcett, and Fred Stevens; we could not have done this without you. If I forgot to mention anyone I do apologize. We had over 164 people in attendance at the dinner; it is our way of saying "thank you" to our community. Grandma's Inc has had an extremely busy year and we were pleased to assist those families/individuals in need and organized either 50/50 raffles or lunch fundraisers and to Hoonah ANB Camp 12, Southeast Alaska Native Veteran's, Juneau T&H Community Council and the ANB Camp 2 for allowing us the opportunity to work with you. Special recognition to the following members who always seem to come together, roll up their sleeves and get things done for our people: Colleen Williams, Myrna Foster, Hazel Hope, Diane Carrier, Roberta Fawcett, Laura Sheldon, Stuie Jacobs, Dottie Lindoff, Liz Lindoff, Ida Rabbet, Jeannie Lee, Myrna Brown, Janice Bennett, Percy Douglas, Norman Vonda, Maureen Brown and Angie Porter; very special people. Last, but not least to Harry Sharclane, Raino Hill, Sam Willard, Evanne Katasse, and Gary Brown, Sr. for their most generous donations of Native foods; this is such a treat. Please keep us in mind if you need a meeting/workshop/activity/event catered; we have excellent cooks and a great team. We do not receive any funding and can only do things when we are able to utilize our skills. You are welcome to call 723-2776 or 463-7105. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Grandmas Inc


The Alaska/Siberia Research Center, thanks for success of project

On Aug. 27, peace-seeking nations of the world celebrated the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Wordl War II Alaska-Siberia Lend-Lease Memorial in Fairbanks. This has been a memorable event in Alaska and we are profoundly grateful to all Fairbanks for their interest and support in preserving an essential chapter of the Alaska's history.

In the early 1990s the Alaska/Siberia Research Center began research on the WWII Lend Lease Program. Interviews of the Alaska/Siberia Lend-Lease Program participants followed. Subsequently, the center published many professional and popular articles on the subject. The sculpture project began in 2000. After six years of hard and creative work this magnificent memorial, which emphasizes international cooperation against evil, was dedicated on Aug. 27.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Alaska/Siberia Research Center, we would like to thank every individual and entity that contributed to the success of this project. Diane Hutchinson, a Special Assistant to the U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, Jeanne Ostnes, a Legislative Aide to Alaskan Senator Gene Therriault have especially been responsive and instrumental when needed.

Fairbanks legislators Ralph Seekins, Gene Therriault, Gary Wilken, John Coghill, Jim Holm, Mike Kelly, Jay Ramras and David Guttenberg assisted us in every step of the project if needed for the last six years. During the celebration in August of this year, Sen. Seekins had donated SUV vehicles for the event and hosted a dinner for Canadian, UK and French delegations; Sen. Wilken presented historic remarks during several functions of the event; Sen. Therriault, Rep. Coghill, Rep. Holm and Rep. Kelly were masters of the ceremonies during various events.

The Center's Board of Directors: Alexander Dolitsky, John Binkley, William Ruddy, Robert Price, Miriam Lancaster, Dr. Anna Kerttula, Dr. Jeffrey Hahn and Mead Treadwell have enthusiastically supported the project during all these years by formulating the concepts of the Memorial, establishing guidelines and policies, reviewing various proposals, and conducting thorough research for the project.

The sculptor, Richard Wallen, was commissioned by the Center in 2003 for his design, thoroughness of his work, and for his vision in the project. His dedication and commitment to the project resulted in its ultimate success.

Alexander Dolitsky


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