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Posted: Sunday, December 09, 2001

This is just a question, but after reading your little note in Around the State on anthrax ruled out in a Juneau mail carrier, I can only say God help us all. Is the hospital and medical community so unprepared and antiquated that it can not take a swab and test this federal worker the right way? But to send a picture, a picture? I'd like to know who thought that up. I say do a real swab, blood test, or whatever it takes to let this person and her friends know for sure what she had or did not have. It's the only safe thing to consider. We may not be close to Washington, D.C., but we are still a target as part of the United States. Are we just going to let this person wonder for the rest of her life if she did or did not have anthrax?

Marilyn Estenson

Our nativity scene on Aspen Ave. was vandalized Dec. 3 between 7:30 and 9 p.m. Figurines were knocked over, and a camel and Jesus child were stolen. Thank you Jeff and Sancy for calling to let us know that the camel was dumped in your yard, along with somebody else's 2-foot-tall Santa figurine. Call me if you lost your Santa and I can put you in touch with Jeff. If anyone finds a 2-foot-long Jesus child, please give me a call at 789-5612. By looking at the tracks in the snow, it looks like at least two people stole the figurines. It's too bad that a couple of people are displaying a lack of respect for other people's property, as well as extremely poor Christmas spirit already. Parents, do you know where your kids were Dec. 3?

Ray Massey

Thanks, Cindy Smith, for the nagoon berry jelly. It was fabulous! And my friend from the Lower 48 would never have had an opportunity to taste it were it not for you. You may block my driveway any day!

Kathy Buss

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