ketchikan Charter School wants to extend charter 10 years

Posted: Sunday, December 09, 2001

The 2001-02 school year marks the end of the Ketchikan Charter School's five-year charter and - school organizers hope - the beginning of 10 more years as the Ketchikan School District's fifth elementary school.

Roger Stone, president of the Charter School's Academic Policy Committee, said an application asking for a 10-year contract with the district will be presented to the Ketchikan School Board on Dec. 14.

The School Board must approve the application before February. The state Board of Education also must approve the application, and is scheduled to consider statewide charter school applications at its March meeting.

The Ketchikan Charter School was founded in 1997 under Alaska's 1995 Charter School Act. At that time, charters could not exceed five years. But the Legislature recently doubled the maximum contract length for charters.

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