Union contracts on the table

Posted: Monday, December 09, 2002

Contracts with the following unions will expire next year:

• Alaska State Employees Association: About 7,500 employees in what's called the general government unit, which includes the majority of government workers. Contract expires June 30.

• Alaska Public Employees Association: About 1,700 employees in the supervisory unit, which represents most middle managers. Contract expires June 30.

• Public Employees Local 71: About 1,500 blue-collar workers in the labor trades and crafts unit, such as electricians, plumbers and maintenance workers. Contract expires June 30.

• Public Safety Employees Association: Represents about 400 state troopers, highway patrol officers, fish and wildlife protection officers and airport safety officers in the troopers unit. Contract expires Feb. 28.

• Public Safety Employees Association: Represents about 700 employees in the correctional officers unit serving in adult correctional institutions. Contract expires June 30.

• Inlandboatman's Union: Represents about 550 unlicensed deck employees of the Alaska Marine Highway unit such as stewards and pursers. Contract expires March 31.

• International Organization of Masters Mates and Pilots: Represents 72 licensed deck officers. Contract expires June 30.

• Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association: Represents about 72 engineers, deck officers and maritime and shoreside workers. Contract expires June 30.

• Confidential Employees Association: Represents about 220 personnel and payroll employees. Contract expires June 30.

• Alyeska Central School Education Association: Represents about 23 teachers at the central correspondence school. Contract expires June 30.

• Alaska Vocational Technical Center Teachers' Association: Represents about 37 teachers. Contract expires June 30.

• Teachers' Education Association of Mt. Edgecumbe: Represents about 17 teachers at the state-operating board school in Sitka. Contract expires June 30.

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