Clarifying the business tax increase

Posted: Tuesday, December 09, 2003

While I agree with the spirit of Lisa Weimer's and Diane Powell's distress at the recent hike in business license rates, they are pointing their fingers in the wrong direction. The increase was not the product of the City and Borough of Juneau. This was a special gift to us from the same guy who took away the Senior Longevity Bonus. This was reported by the Juneau Empire on March 6, 2003.

Not only that, the increase was actually from $25 a year to $200 a year. The confusion is probably due to buying the license two years at a time. So the next time you renew your license, it will be a $400 check you're writing, but hey, it is good for two years.

If this upsets you, I suggest that you don't turn to Gov. Frank Murkowski's spokesman, John Manly, for sympathy. As quoted by The Juneau Empire: "Is $200 a year so consequential that businesses will go out of business? They are not very good businesses if they can't pay a $200 fee for the services they get from the state of Alaska." I own a very small business and I can hardly wait for these services to start, whatever they are.

Jimmy Buck


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