Undemocratic America

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, December 09, 2004

Heroism is trampled under the complications of truth that our society has wrought in these days. We've overused every word of significance, used them in our lies to each other. Truth, democracy, liberty, compassion. We've used the lie of democracy so much in our foreign policy that it makes me wonder why we don't have democracy at home. We're a republic.

Regardless of what you might choose to call it, our government represents the most efficient form of control in the history of humanity. The fact that media ownership is ever more concentrated into the hands of fewer and fewer people makes our sources of information unavoidably politicized; and as far as "opposition" political parties go, you may have noticed that the Democrats sound just like the Republicans. That could be because their elections are funded by the same corporate interests.

On the national level, it disturbs me the way the Democrats set themselves up for failure. The whole "We-voted-for-the-war-too-but-aren't-quite-so-sure-now" platform utterly failed to impress me, as did the "Free Speech Zone" at the Democratic convention. I'm sorry - I thought our country was a free speech zone.

If the elections were really about issues and ideas, our supposedly independent media would've allowed a few independent candidates into the debates. I guess they weren't allowed because they didn't have a chance of winning, and they didn't have a chance of winning because their ideas aren't supported by the establishment. That sort of circular reasoning might even work if our establishment was truly democratic, but I'm afraid the truth is otherwise.

Smaller government means bigger corporate control. Money has become far more significant than free speech or the vote and this is what bothers me the most, aside from the innocent blood shed in our name. Our people fought for our form of government, and now it's being sold back to us by undemocratic institutions that by their nature do not tolerate dissent. What does this mean to our young men and women who volunteer to serve our country in the military? In my opinion it robs them of their chance to be heroes and turns them into lackeys. I for one will continue to respect their sacrifices, but I can't agree with the cause for which they fight and die.

Jamison Paul


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