A few steps further on Celebration proposal

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, December 09, 2004

Regarding a new venue for Celebration: Hooray! Juneau has long taken it for granted that it would have Celebration without any effort on their part. In addition to requesting bids for a new venue, let us go a few steps further: Change the date to after the summer tourist season is over and before the snow and ice become a hazard. This change would: lower the cost of transportation to winter rates; lower the cost of lodging to winter rates; allow residents with seasonal employment to participate; create a measurable impact we have on the economy; allow more people to participate when we do not have to compete with tourists for services.

University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) students might arrange for their participation by keeping a diary of things they did and how they felt about their experiences and/or get class assignments in advance. Or, better yet, have teacher in-service so all educators can attend (maybe arrange UAS credits) to become more familiar with us.

I have participated in art markets where the hosting city would: waive the city tax requirement for Native artists (had to have a BIA card to qualify); arrange for an "umbrella state tax ID" for all vendors to use for sales; give a 50-100 percent discount on the hall rental; businesses would give discounts for hotels, meals and other purchased items, for example, with coupons distributed to registered participants.

We have just opened the door to many new possibilities.

Helen McNeil


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