Time to build a second crossing

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, December 09, 2005

How much rain will it take to cause a landslide that not only blocks old Glacier Highway but Egan Drive as well?

When will this slide happen?

Will it be snow or rock?

How long will it take to repair so that half the population can regain access to the hospital if needed? What about fire, police or other emergency services getting to that half the population? How many of us on Douglas are OK to sacrifice if the bridge is lost in the event?

It is time for a second crossing now. As I understand it, Alaska has $450 million in unallocated road funds. I cannot think of a project where life and safety are as a large component of need as the second crossing.

The Juneau Assembly made completing the environmental impact statement a top priority, but with the earmarks gone, the Assembly should be pushing for an accelerated process, where the second crossing could be built by the end of 2008. Let's get moving now Juneau. It will save all of us a fortune in the long run by reducing fuel bills and commute times to many beautiful acres of housing and recreational opportunities.

Most importantly, it is a second way off Douglas Island if anything happened to the bridge or the avalanche zone between downtown and the Mendenhall Valley.

Bradley J. Fluetsch


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