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Posted: Friday, December 09, 2005

There appears to be growing opposition locally to spending $300 million-plus for a bridge to Gravina Island. Since Congress has pulled its support for the bridge, yet has said it will include money in Alaska's transportation projects, we in Alaska must now decide how best to spend their money, and for what.

Each area of the state will now advise the Legislature and governor of our priorities and projects. The Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly and the City Council have already sent our projects and priorities to the governor and Legislature. They said, we want the bridge and nothing else.

Is that what the average citizen wants? Are there priorities or projects that would be more beneficial to our area? I've read some letters on Sitnews expressing concerns about the bridge project; some of you have good ideas. I, too, feel there are projects that would be better developed and would better serve our area than this proposed bridge, but unless I let my priorities and ideas be known, they will never be considered. Neither will yours.

If you don't speak, you would be telling the state government the same thing the borough and city have told them: We don't need anything, so we'd like to have a bridge. If you want to be heard, write local representatives Bert Stedman and Jim Elkins. It only costs 37 cents to write and nothing to call. Send a copy of the letter to Sitnews or the Ketchikan Daily News. Share your letter with other Alaskans.

Walter Bolling


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