My turn: Big business, small town

Posted: Sunday, December 09, 2007

I am not sure where to start out on this because all day I have been so distraught by how I was treated.

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On Wednesday, I walked into a well known movie establishment to return a few movies and pick out new ones. Now, I have been a member of this place for quite some time, and as a movie-lover, I would constantly purchase movies from this place. Well I was so distraught by what had happened.

I dropped two movies into the return slot and walked up to the counter and patiently waited for my turn. I explained to the clerk about a huge gouge that was on the DVD, and before I could explain that I was not asking for a credit, or a free movie or my money back, but to simply make her aware of what was wrong with the movie, she was on the phone to her boss.

From hearing her end of the conversation, she was basically insinuating that I was the perpetrator because I was the first person to rent this new release and that it "absolutely couldn't have been anyone else," even though their employees are allowed to take movies home.

The clerk got off the phone and proceeded to tell me that I could "go get another copy," but that they are noting in my account that all employees are to check each movie I rent before handing it over to me.

I asked to speak to the manager just to clear things up and she told me the manager wasn't available. After hearing what she said, it was only natural to get upset; I was being accused in this situation.

I tried to tell her that I didn't want another copy, I just wanted to let her know what had happened. Then I was accused of having an attitude. She then proceeded to tell me she didn't need the stress because she is pregnant. Apparently she was newly pregnant, because you certainly couldn't tell it.

At any rate, my problem is this: I have had very many things going on in my life that are way beyond stressful. I have had two children of my own. Trust me, I know what pregnancy can do to someone. But, for her to tell me she doesn't need the stress, she has no idea what stress is compared to what my life has been like the last few months.

Basically, she screams at me and tells me to leave, because she couldn't handle the stress of me trying to be honest about a movie I rented instead of just tossing it in the return bin, and she was also busy giving out free stuff to her friends. I proceeded to my car, only to see this high school kid looking at me as if I had just committed some crime, and then he walked to the back of my car to write down my license plate number. I don't understand why I was treated like a criminal. I was merely trying to do the right thing. Thinking I was doing the right thing, it turned out that I was treated poorly by this employee. I did nothing wrong except try to get her to understand that I just wanted her to be aware of the scratch, I wasn't asking for anything. This is a very small town, and big businesses like this one can't afford to have employees throwing out their customers simply because they can't handle the stress. Maybe employees should listen to their customers first.

• Ashley Evans is a Douglas resident.

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