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Posted: Sunday, December 10, 2000

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The little Christmas tree brightens up the wetlands and is better there than on a parking lot.

I am amazed reading the Juneau Color on Friday by Kathy Dye that you guys have such perception and such depths of feeling that you could embrace a man who could see the auras and feel the vibrations of a plant. Is there any way we could send this guy to the Assembly hall or maybe up to the Capitol to see what's going on there? Thanks for the great coverage.

When I came home tonight and found I had no electricity. I called AEL&P, who directed me to call the after-hours emergency number at the Juneau Police Department because I live on a boat. About all I can say is I'm glad there wasn't a fire because the police department put me on hold and never came back on the line. Looks like it's going to be a mighty cold, dark night.

I would have more sympathy for Dave Benton if all he was interested in was preserving the Point Retreat Lighthouse. The lighthouse and all its associated facilities are situated on less than five acres. Dave Benton wants 1,505 acres. Benton is out for a land grab and Sen. Stevens is willing to give it to him. The Forest Service supports preservation of the lighthouse and has supported conveying up to 10 acres to Benton and the Alaska Lighthouse Association. What it shouldn't support is taking land away from the public.

The letter about "nice photograph, objectionable caption" was just ridiculous.

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