Repercussions for captain required

Posted: Monday, December 10, 2001

I am writing regarding the recent incident where the FV Aurora's captain decided to not take aboard a casket in Sitka en route to Angoon. I am upset that this whole incident has gone by without repercussion.

I want to know what the DOT commissioner has done about this: Has the family been apologized to? Has the captain been reprimanded? He should be. His cavalier attitude under the guise of concern for safety is uncalled for.

Where are the priorities for our ferry system - is it not a service for local residents? Isn't that why our state is paying exorbitant amounts to keep this mode of transportation operable? If our transportation system is not benefiting local residents with its unrealistic schedule and now a "care-less" attitude, then why are we still funding it? Why don't we just contract private ferry systems to handle our transportation needs?

I would think that after the Sept. 11 incidents we would have more compassion for one another in this state. Clearly, this is not the case. I want to see some repercussion for this incident and the way it was handled.

Janice L. Jackson


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