No chance for change?

Posted: Monday, December 10, 2001

Gee, it's not even winter solstice yet and the pagan-games have begun. Judging by his editorial in Sunday's paper, Don Smith has been listening seriously to someone who's not really all that happy with our mayor and certain ones on the Assembly for wishing to infuse the venerable "good old boy system" with some, perhaps too liberal, new blood?

It seems to Don that protocol and rules of the game are apparently everything when dealing with hometown boards and commissions or may it possibly be just too much of a political sore-point in the first place to even consider resting "old veterans" in order to give others, with the promise of vim and vigor, a chance to show it?

Haven't we all had good models anyway, when it comes to paying small heed to protocol and rules of the game, after the presidential election in Florida?

Let the winter games begin!

Alan R. Munro


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