Say no to smoking ban

Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Although I do not smoke, don't allow it in my home and had my mother die of lung cancer due to smoking, I still feel the smoking ban should not be increased. I empathize with the bar owners and workers who may lose jobs in the future. I don't believe any of the workers were forced to take jobs in these smoking environments and if they choose to work in a potentially dangerous atmosphere that should still be their choice. I don't always agree with the ever-increasing encroachment of our civil or constitutional rights and I feel this new smoking ban should not be put into effect. If you don't want to smell the smoke, don't go into a bar that allows it and complain - stay home and drink. Juneau and Southeast Alaska are losing enough jobs as it is. Our economy is declining throughout the entire state. Let the private sector - including bars that allow smoking - continue to make a profit, pay employees and pay taxes.

Susan Le Beau

Auke Bay

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