Dress it up, boys

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, December 10, 2004

I'm writing regarding the photo titled "Music at the Mansion" (Empire, Dec. 8). As a Juneau-Douglas High School graduate and a former member of almost every musical group at JDHS (except the orchestra) during my years there, I found myself feeling a bit, well, "old" when looking at the young men in the jazz choir.

I'm 31 going on 75, evidently, so I'll speak my piece and then walk uphill both ways to work in the snow with nothing but old newspaper to cover my feet and be happy to do it.

Roll down your sleeves, press your shirts, put on the bow ties, and comb your hair, please? Follow the ladies' example, and dress appropriately for the performance. You're performing at the Governor's Mansion, a venue not usually known for casual dress. Show a little pride in your appearance, and your performance (and its reception) will be better for it.

Todd L. Jones

Seattle, Washington

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