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Posted: Friday, December 10, 2004

You printed an opinion piece written by Congressman Richard Pombo of California ( Dec. 8) where he discusses the American "can-do" attitude and what he says to his kids when they say "I can't." Here are some things we can do. We can prepare for the future. We can develop alternative energy sources. We can reduce our dependence on foreign oil by reducing our consumption of oil. We can be true to our word. We designated the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as a wildlife refuge and we can see to it that it doesn't become an oil field.

There are 1,000 billion barrels of recoverable proven oil reserves in the whole world and we are using 20 billion per year. Adding 10 billion barrels from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the 1,000 billion barrels available will not change the fact that oil is not renewable. We can free ourselves of oil's grip on our economy. A 5 mpg increase in the mileage of the average car would save more oil in one year than there is in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

I don't believe the doomsayers like Richard Pombo, who say we can't increase fuel efficiency. I don't believe the doomsayers that say we can't stop global warming or air pollution, and I don't believe those that say we can't preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We can do anything we put our minds to.

Carl Reese


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