Outsiders: Luke Metcalfe

Posted: Sunday, December 10, 2006

Age: 23.

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Occupation: Bartender, warehouse manager for Specialty Imports.

Favorite outdoor spot: Dupont out at the end of Thane road. You walk out on this really flat, short trail to the remnants of an old TNT explosives receiving dock. It's very scenic with a nice, peaceful beach where I like to go swimming. It's just a really tranquil experience.

Worst outdoor experience: In third grade, on Thanksgiving day, my dad and I were hiking on Mt. Roberts trail before dinner. There is an old flume trail that cuts off from the main path and goes into the basin. It peters out above Gold Creek by the old mining museum. Coming down, we found a collapsed water tower. There were clothes and personal objects strewn about the area. Me being young, I didn't realize what we had happened upon. I remember clearly looking at what I thought was just a really round rock with blue and red lines on it. My dad was reading this journal he had found with what basically amounted to a suicide note when I kicked the rock and realized it was some guy's skull.

Favorite outdoor activity: Biking. I pretty much grew up on my bike. Before I can even remember anything I was being pulled by bicycle or riding on the back of a bicycle. One of the most challenging rides I've ever done was biking out of Skagway to Whitehorse and then to Haines. It took about a week, but the hardest part was coming out of Skagway up the White Pass. It's about 14 miles straight uphill. The strategy we used was to cut into the hill like a skier cuts into the mountain, but on an uphill slope. It's easier on the rider and it's easier to use a smaller or "granny" gear. With a 70-pound load on your back its pretty much necessary.

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