Hit by car, saved by physical fitness

Posted: Monday, December 10, 2007

I recently celebrated my 90th birthday, but while I was out for a walk on Nov. 17, I was struck by an automobile on Evergreen Avenue, near my home.

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The driver experienced poor vision on the windshield and was distracted, attempting to eliminate the problem, when the vehicle struck me, knocking me off my feet into a heavy steel guard rail.

The emergency room at Bartlett Regional Hospital spent three hours doing X-rays and multiple checks on my body but found no broken bones. I have extensive lacerations on my legs and am recovering slowly.

This accident was as close to death as I ever care to be. Therefore, I point to the urgent need for sidewalks. I believe this miracle is due to my excellent physical condition, and I am probably the best walking advertisement for JRC/The Alaska Club.

Dean Williams


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