Seek trade-off for Kensington power

Posted: Monday, December 10, 2007

I believe that conservation organizations - such as Lynn Canal Conservation, Southeast Alaska Conservation Council and others who are presently challenging every effort to get the Kensington Mine permitted - should be amenable toward a solution that is of greater value to everyone than the plan's small shortcomings regarding the disposal of tailings.

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A compromise or trade-off should be possible. The Kensington Mine will use thousands of gallons of fuel daily which will contribute to pollution of the air we all breathe. If the Kensington Mine would guarantee to all that they would convert to electric power produced from hydro instead of diesel generation, it would be a great contribution toward maintaining cleaner air and less global warming.

If Alaska Electric Light & Power of Juneau cannot supply the mine's needs, then have the Intertie extend to Juneau. The last legislative session authorized the construction from Ketchikan to Wrangell-Petersburg. Coeur can build the line from the mine to connect. This grid would provide stability and could even take most home and building heating off oil.

The conservation organizations could then report to their income sources that a meaningful contribution has been made toward reducing pollution, global warming and the development of alternate energy, as well as a meaningful assist to the economy.

John J. Schnabel


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