Stranded technicians rescued near Kodiak

Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2008

KODIAK - Four technicians stranded on Sheratin Mountain on Kodiak Island have been rescued.

Kodiak Island Search and Rescue members brought the four off the mountain Tuesday morning. They took a helicopter to the lower elevations and then hiked to the men.

Steve Wielebski, president of the volunteer rescue group, says all four are safe and in good health.

The technicians were dropped off Sunday on 2,800-foot Sheratin Mountain with a week of supplies to start constructing the first tower in an island-wide network of high-speed microwave communication relays.

High winds overnight damaged the camp and blew away at least one tent and some supplies.

They contacted the Coast Guard Monday morning by VHF radio and reported minor frostbite and symptoms of hypothermia.

High winds prevented rescue attempts Monday.

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