Industry group aims to stem cruise outflow

Posted: Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sitka businessman John Litten said something has to be done about the loss of cruise business in Alaska.

Several cruise lines moving ships to other markets will result in a projected 10 to 15 percent drop in tourists in Juneau. Other regions of the state will experience greater losses.

"It's a real change of the whole atmosphere and people are scared," Litten said.

The tour bus operator joined other tourism industry professionals to form the Alaska Alliance for Cruise Travel to try to stop the outflow of cruise tourists from the state, Litten said.

Alaska ACT plans to work with the cruise industry to understand their needs and help provide a more conducive atmosphere for them here, Litten said. The group hopes to influence legislators on industry-related topics.

Alaska ACT started with about a dozen steering committee members and has support from the Resource Development Council for Alaska.

The organization and new Web site will launch today.

The RDC is a nonprofit that works for responsible development in all resource sectors, including mining, oil and gas, fisheries, timber and tourism, according to its Web site.

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