Multi-Agency avalanche training on Turnigan Pass

Posted: Friday, December 10, 2010

TURNAGAIN PASS - The Alaska Mountain Rescue Group, along with multiple search and rescue organizations, will conduct a large-scale interagency avalanche training exercise Saturday and Sunday in the Turnagain Pass area.

The Alaska State Troopers will also be participating in the exercise by assisting with logistical support and resources.

The first day will consist of skills training for avalanche response. Stations include avalanche transceiver search practice, probe searching, and the extrication and medical care of avalanche victims.

The second day will encompass several mock avalanche scenarios to which participating search and rescue organizations must collectively respond. The operations will involve establishing an incident command post, staging field teams and responding to simulated avalanche accident areas in the local mountains to locate, assist and transport buried subjects with simulated injuries. This training prepares the different search and rescue organizations and emergency responders collaborate on real avalanche missions.

Recreationists are advised that snowmachines and two helicopters will be operating in the area on both days of the training exercise.

For more information regarding the training, contact Bill Romberg of the Alaska Mountain Rescue Group at (907) 240-8543.

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