Partisan Supremes


Posted: Monday, December 11, 2000

Five members of the U.S. Supreme Court being partisans of George W. Bush, he will now become President of the United States.

This despite the fact that in the United States of America more people voted for Al Gore than for George W. Bush, and that as a country we have spent the past month depending for our choice of president on the weird ways people can interpret the weird and outmoded election procedures of various counties in Florida.

May I suggest that in order to keep this ever from happening again, we abolish the Electoral College, and at least for national elections, we ought to have national standards for what ballots count as valid?

Perhaps that is too much to ask of a Congress, which will be of George W. Bush's party, and an Alaska Legislature, which will also be of George W. Bush's party, but we ought to ask anyway. If they say no, we ought to vote them out of office.

Mark Regan


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