Two observations


Posted: Monday, December 11, 2000

In order to get The Learning Channel on cable, subscribers have to pay $34.21 additional. It used to be part of tier 2, which has been discontinued. Personally I think there is more to this change than the public was allowed to know. The cable company took out several good channels from the lower tier, namely TBS and TLC, and replaced them with channels not many are going to watch.

This move was directly intended to get the prior tier 1's and 2's to move up. It was profit-motivated, period.

My second observation is it seems that if you're well-heeled and well-established in this community, errors on your part are looked at differently in court. I really believe that justice was not served on the party who drove away from an accident they instigated, leaving two injured people to suffer until help arrived. To drive away because part of your family was traumatized is absolutely wrong!

Joe Corbett


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