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Posted: Wednesday, December 11, 2002

That was so cool to see that old picture of when the bridge (Empire, Dec. 10) opened up in 1935. My Grandpa, Wilbur Converse, held a one-of-a-kind job during the building of that bridge. He sat in a skiff rowing around under the bridge to be ready to pull anyone out of the water that may have had the misfortune of falling off. After the bridge was completed, he went to work for A-J Mines.

I was born in Juneau in 1936 and have lived here all my life. I love to see these old photos show up in publications such as the Empire. Remember the dice imbedded in the cement drive in front of the Fire Hall? I always had to step on them while making a wish. Yeah, it's fun to reminisce.

Betty West Miller


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