Gay marriage a threat only to the nosy

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, December 11, 2003

In reference to Ione Ackerman's letter on Dec. 7, "Yes, gay marriage is a threat," I must say I could not find anything in that letter that showed how it was a threat.

Yes, gay marriage does go against some religious beliefs, but our government is not a theocracy. The fact that Ione and other fundamentalists who take the Bible a little too seriously believe that gay marriage is somehow wrong should not affect the government's decision to allow it or not allow it.

And I feel I must say this: If God created everyone and he doesn't believe in homosexuality, then he must have made a mistake. Gays are born gay. They can't help it, so lay off of them.

What really makes me mad, though, is that homosexuality has been compared to bestiality and pedophile. Bestiality and pedophile are illegal. And while the former doesn't really hurt anyone, the latter causes emotional, physical and legal turmoil. When a child is forced against his or her will to partake in sexual acts with an adult, it is wrong and sick. I ask you this: how is this anything like homosexuality? It isn't. This comparison is either a product of ignorance or anger.

Sometimes I wonder why people can't mind their own business. Why aren't people more libertarian? If it isn't harming you, why do you care? If two gays get married, it doesn't affect you at all. It isn't like gay marriage is going to accelerate global warming or start nuclear war. All it is is a group of people wanting to be able to join together like most people and perhaps feel a sense of normalcy. It seems to me that most of these homophobes out there just want to spread hate and discord so they can get what they want: total eradication of what they don't like.

So, to conclude this piece, I would say put down your Bible, live and let live, mind your own business and leave people alone if they aren't harming you.

Josh Carter


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