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Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, December 11, 2003

Don't be caught sleeping Juneau! A moratorium on development for the waterfront is one matter, but what about the problems looming when interpretation of the Assembly's proposed moratorium ordinance is applied by Assembly members on any development project that a majority of them choose not to support? Our community has some significant development projects coming up in the next year or two - projects that will provide our city with employment, economic diversity, permit fees and various taxes paid to our CBJ. A clear understanding of any moratorium placed on development in Juneau is even more serious than the issue of restricting development on Juneau's waterfront.

A clear understanding of the moratorium by Juneau citizens lies in the way the ordinance is written. If the ordinance is being proposed by the Assembly at this time because of concerns with waterfront development from the Rock Dump to the Douglas Bridge, then the proposed ordinance should be specific and limited to that area of Juneau. If the ordinance can also be applied to the entire city and borough, then the Assembly should not use an ordinance title that appears to address just the waterfront of downtown Juneau.

It is misleading to citizens to do otherwise.

The holidays have people thinking about things closer to their hearts than an ordinance limiting development.

I hope the city manager and the Assembly members will clarify language, use appropriate ordinance titles and allow plenty of time for citizens to inform themselves before Jan. 26 when a final ordinance is approved.

Stacy Goade


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