Pat Denny

Posted: Thursday, December 11, 2003

• Age: 75, born in North Dakota, later lived in the Seattle area.

• Moved to Alaska: In 1972, initially for six months. Denny was recruited to start a Catholic charities program in Juneau. She helped found Catholic Community Service and stayed on to be director.

• Character she plays: Mamie Jensen.

• Previous acting experience: Has acted at Perseverance Theatre and Juneau-Douglas Little Theatres.

• On Jensen: "She was a lovely lady, tall and kind of stately. Very nice and very approachable. Just a really grand lady. Her husband was an old-timer and worked for (the U.S.) Fish and Wildlife (Service). So she raised a family here. She was active in all kinds of community things, and she was well-acquainted with the Douglas community. We went to the same church. I certainly knew and admired her."

• On telling these stories: "I live up the hill in Juneau, and I can picture all the miners in the homes up on the side of Starr Hill coming down the trail at night with their headlamps burning. And the ferry across the channel. And the competition between the schools. I also knew Bill Biggs and his wife quite well, and they would sometimes talk about these things - the Chicagof mine and things like that."

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