Floyd Dryden captures Boys A championship

Dzantik'i Heeni wins Girls B title with 26-21 victory

Posted: Sunday, December 11, 2005

Floyd Dryden captured the Boys A title at the Fastbreak Club / Rebounders Club Tournament Saturday with a 63-41 win over Nome.

Franklin Hotch scored 16 points to lead Dryden. Cody Grussendorf added 13 points, Victor Wilson scored nine points, Dominic Holloway added eight points and Torey Franzen scored seven points in the win.

Also for Dryden, Brian Koenig had six points whie Ryan Johanson and Eric Sele had two points each.

Josh Samuels led Nome with 24 points while Jeremy Head had 10 points and Jon Wongittilin scored seven points.


Dzantik'i Heeni 26, Floyd Dryden 21

Mahlet Tingley scored a team-high 11 points to lead DZ to the Girls A champioship win.

Cory Mulder had nine points while Megan Mauseth, Karli Brakes and Daffodil Alinson had two points each in the win.

Brittany Fenumiai led Dryden with nine points. Kristen Dierick had seven points, Lora Martin added three points and Caitlin Goettler had a bucket for Dryden.


Dzantik'i Heeni 31, Floyd Dryden 23

Colin Gozelski's 12 points boosted Dzantik'i Heeni past Floyd Dryden in the Boys B title.

Austin Shoemaker scored nine points, Cort Saviers had four points, Matt Noreen scored four points and Matt Smith added two points in the win.

For Dryden, Kyle Barry had six points to lead his team. Lance Ibesate, Matthew Maka, Ben Hotch, Ryan Baldwin, Lawrence Fenumiai and Jazz King all scored for Dryden.


Floyd Dryden 26, Dzantik'i Heeni 14

Nine different players scored for Floyd Dryden in its championship-clinching win over Dzantik'i Heeni.

Chander Christensen, Samantha Sharp, Kalea Chapman, Savan Petrie, Gabbie Saldivar, Janie White, Olivia Henderson, Alissa Hulbert and Hailey Pusich all scored for Dryden.

For DZ, Glenn Hoskinson had five points, Charnelle Landingham scored four, Genoa Mangusso had four and Crystal Clark added a free throw in the win.



Dzantik'i Heeni B 23, Hoonah 22

Charnelle Landingham scored eight points as DZ topped Hoonah in a semifinal showdown.

Miquelle Brinson had six points while Crystal Clark, Megan Moskito and Glenn Hoskinson all scored for DZ.

Jordan Sheakley led Hoonah with nine points while Kristin Johanson had six points, Gina Norris posted five points and Shawna Barros had two points for Hoonah.

Floyd Dryden B 28, Haines B 5

Kalea Chapman and Allison Schneller scored six each as Dryden defeated Haines.

Chandler Christensen had three points, Olivia Henderson scored four points while Savana Petrie, Gabbie Saldivar, Janie White and Alissa Hulbert had two points each for Dryden. Hailey Pusich scored a point for Dryden.

Abby Jones, Carlee Heinmiller and Jolene Lemieux provided all over Haines' offense.


Dzantik'i Heeni B 44, Schoenbar B 39

Cort Saviers had 14 points, Austin Shoemaker scored 13 points and Colin Gozelski posted 10 points as DZ beat Schoenbar.

Matt Noreen and Zack Bursell also scored for DZ.

Simon Brooks led Schoenbar with 15 points. Alex Williams, Rodney Manabat, Jasper Reese, Jesse Lindgren and Chaz Allen all scored for Schoenbar.

Floyd Dryden B 51, Nome B 32

Lawrence Fenumiai's 16 points boosted Floyd Dryden past Nome.

Matthew Maka and Ben Hotch had nine points apiece, Lance Ibesate and Jazz King had five points each, Alex Kelly scored four points, Brendan Lumbab had two points and Xavier Dunn posted one point for Dryden.

Nome was led by David Stickel's 11 points. Christian Leckbond had nine points, Tim Sullivan contributed five points, Zach Bourdon posted four points, David Stilchen scored two points and Teddy Payenna had one point for the Nanooks.



Dzantik'i Heeni B 26,

Dzantik'i Heeni C 17

Charnelle Landingham's eight points helped lead the B team past the C team in the battle of Dzantik'i Heeni.

Genoa Mangusso and Sarah Donohoe scored six each and Crystal Clark added four points for the B side.

For the C team, Sarah Tarver had nine points while Allison deLaBruere, Sophia Wahto, Annika Ord and Chelsea Flint posted two points each.

Hoonah B 27, Petersburg B 20

Hoonah scored all of its points in the first half and held on for a quarterfinal victory.

Jordan Sheakley led Hoonah with 13 points while Gina Norris scored eight and Kristin Johanson, Melissa Fisher and Ashia Geise scored two points each for Hoonah.

Brianna Williams led Petersburg with 10 points, Jordyn Byrer had six points and Haili Otness contributed two points.

Floyd Dryden B 31, Floyd Dryden C 11

Ten players scored for the B team as they defeated C team in a Floyd Dryden matchup.

Chandler Christensen, Samantha Sharp, Emily Sharp, Kalea Chapman, Savana Petrie, Jordon Jeans, Janie White, Charley Johnson, Hailey Pusich, Allison Schneller all scored for the B team.

Geraldine Gardner lead the C team with five points while Krissa Jackson and Kaci Hansen scored three points each in the loss.

Haines B 23, JCS B 21

Abby Jones scored 12 points to lead Haines past Juneau Christian School.

Carlee Heinmiller had five points while Savannah Price, Hannah Wing and Terra Walker scored two points each for Haines.

For JCS, Karen Leder and Courtney Johnson scored six points each while Callie Cummins had four points and Cassie Orbistondo had three points in the loss.

Brittany Donahue added two points for JCS.

JCS B 31, Floyd Dryden C 13

Megan Hart scored 12 points as Juneau Christian School toppled Floyd Dryden C.

Courtney Johnson, Brittany Donahue, Ariel Chamberlin, Michelle Kirkham and Karen Leder all scored for JCS.

For Floyd Dryden, Geraldine Gardner scored six points, Kaci Hansen and Taryn Martin had two points each and Holly White added one point.

Haines 19, Dzantik'i Heeni C 10

Abby Jones and Terra Walker scored six points each and Jae McDermaid added five points in Haines' win over DZ.

Carlee Heinmiller added two points in the win.

For DZ, Chelsea Flint scored six points while Allison deLaBruere and Sarah Tarver had two points each.

Floyd Dryden B 28, Hoonah 20

Chandler Christiensen scored nine points to lead a balanced Floyd Dryden attack past Hoonah.

Kalea Chapman, Savana Petrie, Olivia Henderson, Alissa Hulbert, Hailey Pusich and Allison Schneller all scored for Floyd Dryden.

Gina Norris and Jordan Sheakley scored six points each for Hoonah while Shawna Barros, Jannell Byers and Ashia Gesie also scored for Hoonah.

Dzantik'i Heeni B 27, Petersburg B 12

Karen Carrillo and Crystal Clark scored 10 points each to lead DZ past Petersburg.

Genoa Mangusso, Sarah Donohoe and Megan Moskito all scored for DZ.

For Petersburg, Jordyn Byrer poured in nine points and Brianna Williams added three points.


Dzantik'i Heeni B 46, Hoonah 27

Colin Gozelski poured in 14 points as DZ topped Hoonah.

Ryan Tracy, Miles Bedford, Matt Noreen, Matt Smith, Cort Saviers, Austin Shoemaker, John Correa, Zack Bursell and Antonio Chaves all scored for DZ.

Kole Skaflestad led Hoonah with eight points. Timmy Coutlee had eight points, Kris Geise scored six, Cory Smith had three and Morgan Koenig added two points in the loss.

Floyd Dryden B 40, Petersburg B 8

Twelve Floyd Dryden players scored in a win over Petersburg.

Lance Ibesate, Matthew Maka, Kyle Barry, Alex Kelly, Xavier Dunn, Travis Godfrey, Brendan Lumbab, Edward Hurtt, Tyler Campbell, Ryan Baldwin, Lawrence Fenumiai and Jazz King all got in the scorebook.

Bill Jensen, Guy Birchell, Tony Craig, Jacob Craig and Jon Thorsteinson all scored for Petersburg.

Nome B 63, Yakutat 43

Four players for Nome scored in double-figures in a win over Yakutat.

Tim Sullivan had 14 points, Zach Bourdon and Christian Leckbond had 11 points each and David Stickel posted 10 points for Nome. Josh McComas, David Stilchen, Teddy Payenna and Jeremiah Johnson all scored for Nome.

Clint Ivers paced Yakutat with 26 points while Sam Karsunky had nine points, Trever Henry added seven and Jacob Taylor added one point.

Schoenbar B 53, Haines B 39

Simon Brooks scored all 15 of his points in the second half to lead Schoenbar past Haines.

Jesse Lindgren had 10 points, Jasper Reese posted nine points, Rodney Manabat chipped in with seven, Alex Williams had six points while Chris Coates, Chas Allen and Warren Booth scored two points each.

Charles Baltzell scored 17 points, Tyler Swinton added 14 points and Dillon Baltzell contributed eight points for Haines.

Haines B 40, Petersburg B 15

Dillon Baltzell had 13 points and Charles Baltzell added 10 points in Haines' win over Peterburg.

Tyler Swinton, Austin Badger and Logan Simpson all scored in the win.

Tony Craig led Petersburg with five points while Stuart Drollinger, Jordan Barnet and Jon Thorsteinson had four points each in the loss.

Schoenbar B 53, Hoonah 23

Alex Williams and Simon Brooks combined for 23 points as Schoenbar upended Hoonah.

Chris Coates, Rodney Manabat, Jasper Reese and Jesse Lindgren all scored for Schoenbar.

Kris Geise, Timmy Coutlee, Cory Smith, Kole Skaflestad, Ricky Contreras, Morgan Koenig and Horace Norris all scored for Hoonah.

Dzantik'i Heeni B 41, Nome B 27

Colin Gozelski's 16 points paced DZ in a win over the Nanooks.

Austin Shoemaker, Matt Noreen, Cort Saviers, Matt Smith, Zach Bursell, Ryan Tracy and Miles Bedford all scored for DZ.

Christian Leckbond led Nome with eight points. David Stilchen had six points, Josh McComas added three points while Tim Sullivan, Zach Bourdon and David Stickel scored four points each in the loss.

Floyd Dryden B 53, Yakutat 25

Ten players scored for Floyd Dryden in a win over Yakutat.

Ryan Baldwin had 12 points and Lawrence Fenumiai posted 11 points for Dryden. Matthew Maka, Kyle Barry, Xavier Dunn, Ben Hotch, Travis Godfrey, Brendan Lumbab, Edward Hurtt and Jazz King all scored for Floyd Dryden.

For Yakutat, Clint Ivers led his team with 14 points while Sam Karsunky had four points and Jacob Taylor added three points.

Rex Newlun and Trever Henry scored two points each in the defeat.

Dzantik'i Heeni A 41, Petersburg A 15

Brian Beckner's 11 points helped push DZ past Petersburg.

Nick Mow had five points, Hans Javier scored two points, Jamie Daniel poured in six points, Dylan Baker had four points, Reese Saviers hit a 3-pointer, Neal Skannes scored eight points and Jake Monagle scored two for DZ.

Paul Dupree led Petersburg with six points while Jacob Madsen, Jake Sturgeon and Cory Volk all scored.



Floyd Dryden A 57, Petersburg 17

Floyd Dryden had three players score in double-figures in a win against Petersburg.

Torey Franzen and Brian Koenig scored 11 points each and Eric Sele had 10 points for Floyd Dryden. Cody Grussendorf had six points, Dominic Holloway added eight points, Nathan Graves scored four points and Victor Wilson contributed two points for Dryden. Also in the win, Craig Kasberg had three points.

For Petersburg, Kory Birchell scored four points, Paul Dupree had three points while Sam Volk and Jordon Monroe had two points each.

Dzantik'i Heeni A 56, Nome A 47

DZ scored 41 points in the second half to top Nome.

Reese Saviers had a team-high 17 points while Jamie Daniel and Keath Flint scored 12 points each for DZ. Also for DZ, Dylan Baker, Brian Beckner, Jake Mongale, Hans Javier and Aaron Cohen all scored in the win.

Jeremy Head led Nome with 16 points, Jon Wongittilin had 14 points and Josh Samuels added nine points in the loss. Mason Evans, Jode Babcock and Bryan Contreras all scored for the Nanooks.


Floyd Dryden A 23, Juneau-Douglas C 22

Kristen Dierick scored seven points as Floyd Dryden nipped Juneau-Douglas.

Emily Johnson had six points, Lora Martin scored five points, Brittany Fenumiai added four points and Krista Barril sank a free throw for Floyd Dryden.

Kristie Ely led JD with nine points while Annie Bartholomew scored seven points, Marissa Worley added four points and Wendy Calderwood had a basket.

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