Roughhouse gets into the season's spirit

Boxers fight for Christmas presents and pride in local display of prowess

Posted: Monday, December 11, 2006

Roughhouse boxing at Marlintini's was filled with the spirit of holiday giving Friday night.

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Fighters generously went four rounds instead of three and married fighters Desiree and Guy Marble fought for Christmas money for their two children. Both parents won their bouts, so there should be plenty of presents under the tree.

In an exciting bout, motivated mom, Desiree "the Rebel" Marble, 24, defeated first-time fighter Alla "The Russian Desire" Kirsanova, 19, a University of Alaska Southeast mathematics major from Russia. It was Marble's first fight since giving birth three months ago.

"I just had a baby and haven't trained in over a year. I'm really proud of myself," Marble said.

The fighters charged the crowd with an intensely physical bout. Kirsanova, a life-long practitioner of martial arts, had a strong showing and discovered she doesn't mind getting punched, " I do enjoy it, it's exciting."

The fight went the full four rounds with Kirsanova dominating the last round and rocking Marble's head.

"She hurt me, the last good hit, she hit my temple and knocked me for a loop, that's for sure. She hits pretty hard, I'm not going to lie. She made my nose bleed. She's a good fighter with a lot of power," Marble said.

Marble, a pastry chef at Fred Meyer's, said she would grant a rematch to Kirsanova and plans on fighting Edna "Wildflower" Abbott for the belt.

Guy Marble, 28, a construction worker, fought and won the heavyweight slugfest against Walter "Showstopper" Brown, 25.

"We're making $50 per minute tonight, that will really help us out with Christmas presents," Guy Marble said adding that he got into boxing because his wife was fighting, "Desiree got into it and I finally got tired of hearing, 'Your wife fights, why can't you?'"

Marble and Brown took turns pummeling each other as the point count soared. The match was close but Marble showed more aggressiveness to get the win.

The main event featured Juneau's own Al "Mean Machine" Valentine, 44, winning a TKO over experienced Anchorage boxer, Tony "The Cable Guy" Hartonian, 49.

Hartonian had a record of 47-7-19. Valentine's defensive stance with forearms covering his head made it difficult for Hartonian to land anything. Valentine delivered a shiner to Hartonian's right eye that might still be there on Christmas Eve. Hartonian retired after the second round when Valentine took his "Ho Ho Ho" away by rocking him with multiple body shots that left him breathless.

Jared James defeated Mike "The Kazmanian Rebel" Kazamakoff, after James challenged any middleweight in the crowd to a bout. James, 24, a surfer, teamster and student from Yakutat was a first-time boxer who trained so hard last month he said his opponent saw him and quit. A boxing staff member warned wild-eyed Kazamakoff, "Take it easy on him, he's brand new." He might have taken it too easy because Kazamakoff retired early in round three gasping, "I'm just tired." James said he beat Kazamakoff because he found his weakness.

"I had the reach. We were both pumped up and when I hit him hard, he tried to grab me."

The evening started with lightweight Beau Storlie, 38, defeating newcomer Rhett Ridgeway, 22, in a split decision.

"I'm retiring, from boxing after two fights, I'm 38 and just wanted to see if I can still do it. My opponent is a carpenter too, and we work together. During last month's fights, we were talking and ended up with a challenge," said the victorious Storlie.

First-time boxer Thomas Andrande, 18, a UAS student, faced two opponents in one night. He defeated his first opponent Buddy "The Hobbit" Howard, 18, in a split decision. Two months ago, Howard defeated his older brother in his first official bout.

"I thought is was a close decision and I'm OK with it. It will give me motivation to do better next time," Howard said after the loss.

Andrande's 1-0 record was short lived. He lost his next bout against Nathanial Wirkkula. Wirkkula, towering a full foot over Andrande, was able to land some body blows by swinging up from below. Andrande stayed tough, continuing after receiving an illegal low punch that brought him to his knees.

Next month's Roughhouse Friday will feature the lightweight SE Showdown champion Richie Whitson taking on an Anchorage fighter.

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