Questions not so hard without selfishness

Posted: Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A landfill consultant hired by the city says if we recycle more the landfill will last longer.

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So should we smell it for 30 years instead of 20 or should we find a better way to treat it (i.e. an incinerator that meets Environmental Protection Agency standards or a less obtrusive regional landfill)?

Is it a surprise that with two high schools we should be expected to pony up and offer full sports programs at each school, or should we preserve our Southeast throne and instead spend the money continuing to pay south central schools to come and play us?

Do educators have the capability and responsibility to figure out a proven, meaningful curriculum that adequately balances the needs of all students before the second high school gets here? Or should it be driven by personal preferences, the education model du jour, and the usual debate on the pages of the Juneau Empire?

Should we expect a school superintendent who can provide leadership to figure this out, keep the school board informed, and not inform us on the very night that we approve the additional funding for high school that it still may not be enough?

The questions don't seem to be so hard if we are able to divorce ourselves from our own selfish self-interests and put the greater good of the community and the next generations first. If we can't then those of us who feel differently may be forced to pack our bags for other communities that have already figured this out and have acted appropriately. Juneau isn't the first place that ever built a second high school or faced a trash problem.

Brian Goettler


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