Downtown lighting is wasteful

Posted: Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Recently, I traveled from the Mendenhall Valley to Thane and have noticed each time how dark the valley is and how overly lighted the downtown "shopping district" is. With only two or three shops open during the Christmas season.

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It seems a bit wasteful to light up hundreds of street lights in this area when whole neighborhoods of valley subdivisions are dark as a dungeon save for home lighting. The hazardous driving area near Wal-Mart and Sunny Point has no lighting, yet the downtown, which deserves flowers, banners and the like in summer, certainly deserves less illumination in winter when most of the tourist shops are closed and boarded up. Come on, Assembly and city decision-makers, look at the real costs and adjust to present realities.

Why not shut down half of these lights and illuminate only around businesses that are open? With the cost of electricity it seems the only prudent thing to do. Why should we be paying electric bills for a whole line of closed shops? It doesn't make sense.

Marsha Bennett


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