You can't drive to Juneau from Canada

Posted: Thursday, December 11, 2008

In the Dec. 10 front page Ketchikan Daily News article, "Palin compares Alaska, Canada," Palin shows how out of touch she is with Southeast Alaska and Alaska in general.

In her interview with CTV's Canada AM, she attempts to show her knowledge of Alaska's proximity to Canada when she states, "We drive through your country to get even to our own state capital." This is much like her VP campaign interview when she attempts to show her capabilities in foreign affairs by stating that you can see Russia from Alaska.

Since the Alaskan taxpayers are footing the per diem costs for Palin to work from her home in Wasilla to conduct state business, she must have forgotten that the Wasilla/Anchorage area is not the state capital to which you can drive from Canada to. Since running for the office of governor and getting the "job" at the state capital, which is in Juneau, she has obviously not spent enough time actually working or living in the capital or she would know it is not accessible by driving through Canada.

That is unless of course you were to drive to Haines or Skagway and then take the ferry to Juneau. Or better yet, if she drove through Canada to the "in her own mind" state capital of Anchorage, she could take the Alaska Airlines jet to Juneau. I'm sure that is what she must have meant.

Palin will not get my vote in 2012 if she runs for president unless she gets a lot smarter in the geography of her own state and begins to spend more time in the Alaska capital, which you cannot drive to through Canada.

Penny Eubanks


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