Robber may get 4 years for $5

Posted: Wednesday, December 12, 2001

A $5 robbery could mean four years in prison for a Juneau man.

Thomas Evan, 27, accused of robbing two boys of $5 in Susan B. Anthony coins, pleaded guilty to felony coercion Tuesday in Juneau Superior Court. The charge stemmed from an Aug. 13 incident where he threatened two teen-age boys with bodily harm if they did not give him their money.

Evan originally faced two counts of felony robbery and one count of misdemeanor theft.

Because this is Evan's third conviction, he will receive no less than three years in prison unless Superior Court Judge Collins finds sufficient reason to reduce the sentence. Evan was convicted of sexual assault in 1994 and escape in 1997, both felonies.

As part of the terms of a plea agreement, the state is recommending four years in prison with the possibility of time off for good behavior.

Assistant District Attorney Kurt Twitty said two boys, age 15 and 16, whose names were not released, were walking on a bike path near Stephen Richards Drive when Evan approached them.

Twitty said Evan told them he would "jack them up" if they didn't give him their money. One of the boys handed Evan two Susan B. Anthony dollars and said it was all he had. Evan asked the boy to jump up and down. The boy jumped, causing three other Susan B. Anthony coins in his pocket to jingle.

Twitty said Evan ordered the boy to give him the rest of his money and he made off with $5 in change.

Evan is scheduled for sentencing Jan. 17.

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