Students create gingerbread houses

Posted: Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Students in Life Skills Foods classes at Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School recently completed making gingerbread houses, many of which will be on display today at the Governor's Mansion open house.

Making the houses is an annual event, teacher Jodie Buck said. About half of this year's houses were brought to the Governor's Mansion, while the rest are on display at the school.

She said groups first complete a written plan, consisting of a diagram of all sides, recipes, shopping lists and division of tasks.

The dough is made from scratch and cut using templates. After baking and hardening for a few days, the pieces are assembled and decorated.

The following students' houses were selected for display at the Governor's Mansion:

Cassie Smith, Marissa Borg, Alicia Maryott, Krissinda Dennis, Ashley Montoya, Davina Cole, Jeremiah Crockroft, Maria Monagle, Edmar Carillo, Terra Veler, Rachel Searls, Jamie Tompkins, Melissa Moskito, Claire Geldhof, Emily Yost, Jessica Valero, Jordan Harvey, Doug Maller, Brian Maller, Amanda Heppner, Kyle O'Brien, Andrew Oney, Miles Gayton, Stephanie Hinckle, Emily Merli, Lauren Haight, Lindsey Hanna, Cynthia Lamas, Holly Trucano, Tanya Trucano, Janelle Smith, Laura Heuman, Riley Sessions, Kari Glass, Angela Gowdy, Alexis Hildebrand.

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