Engaging in 'cruel talk'

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, December 12, 2003

I was outraged by Ione Ackerman's Dec. 7 letter in reference to Ellie Sica's Dec. 5 letter entitled "Is gay marriage a threat?"

Ms. Sica had three points that really struck me as sensible. First, she wrote that if homosexuals have partners they should also be able to have spouses. Then she expressed her disgust at the way some people speak about homosexuals as though they aren't human. Finally, she asked, "Why is it our business what other people do, as long as it isn't a danger to us physically and mentally?"

Ms. Ackerman felt obligated to respond to this letter by providing empty biblical references as evidence for the righteousness of bigotry and gay bashing. She did not address the concerns of the original letter; she used it as an opportunity to engage in the "cruel talk" Ms. Sica mentioned. For example, Ms. Ackerman expressed her short-sighted views by likening homosexuality to bestiality or pedophilia. This is just the thing that perpetuates hate and prejudice, and it is something we can all do without.

Perhaps religious radicals like Ms. Ackerman should stop worrying about the non-rights of gays and start reflecting on ways to make their own lives more virtuous.

Mayumi Arimitsu


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