Glossy pro-road mailer turns man off

Posted: Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It was that time of year. Things cooled down outside, and the low angle of the sun in the southwest shined through my stained-glass window and made it glow better than any other time of the year. Peace seemed to prevail until something strange arrived in the mail.

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The pro-road minority sent out a pretty piece of paper. It was titled "Lynn Canal Highway" in bold white on black. I examined it with curiosity. The smooth glossy mailer, with what looks like a big black oil slick covering Gastineau Channel on the front, turned me off.

On the back, they only listed 29 "Quality of Life" reasons to drive a car around. I really like driving my car as a four-wheeled umbrella.

They brag about 10 years of big spending on an insane road at a time in America when the dollar's buying power is going down and construction costs are going up. I'm guessing the cost of the road will be four times more than the present dumbed-down number.

Listed in this happy little "news" bulletin are some "long-term benefits," such as 50,000 independent visitors in their independent, oil-guzzling RVs. Add that to the one million tour-ship tourists, and little Juneau will put out more greenhouse gas emissions than any other town of 30,000 in the nation. We will have more brown haze than anybody.

Jay Crondahl


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