Posted: Sunday, December 12, 2010

Victoria Roldan of Bartlett Regional Hospital was awarded the Outstanding Nurse of the Year in the General Medical/Surgical category from the Alaska Chapter of the March of Dimes. There were 110 nominees from across the state and 23 winners.

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Courtesy Of Liam Macaulay
Courtesy Of Liam Macaulay


Former Newcastle, Wyo., resident Brynn Elliott has taken a position as an education interpreter for the Juneau School District. Elliott graduated from William Woods University with degrees in American Sign Language interpreting and education. In her new position, she facilitates communication between persons who are deaf or hard of hearing and others, whether they are students, teachers or other school personnel. She also helps with a sign language club at a local middle school.


Thunder Mountain High School ninth-grader Chloey Cavanaugh has received the Falcon of the Month award. She was nominated by another student for tutoring and for stopping a student from bullying. She received a gift from the award's montly sponsor, U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Thuan T. Nguyen. Other students, parents and staff who received pins for being nominated include Abi Fox, Carol May, Celia Eggers, Gary Reid, Jerome Kristenson, Justin Mull, Bridget Lloyd, Kasandra Eyre, Jaine White and Hannah Everett.


The Alaska Marine Safety Education Association has established a staffed office in Juneau. After working for several years out of Kodiak, training coordinator Steven Campbell has moved his base of operation to Juneau to better serve both fishermen and the entire boating population of the area. Campbell will spend part of his time traveling throughout Alaska providing train-the-trainer courses and training to commercial fishermen, but when in Juneau he will be available to provide safety courses on-demand for fishermen, recreational boaters, government agency personal, private companies or schoolchildren.


The Juneau CPA firm of Elgee Rehfeld Mertz (ERM) has promoted two of its employees.

Helen Hesson, certified public accountant, has advanced to the position of audit manager. After graduating with honors from the University of Alaska Southeast, Hesson joined ERM in 2005. She passed the CPA exam in 2008 and demonstrates the outstanding proficiency required in a manager. Hesson works extensively with governmental, nonprofit and health care clients. She also specializes in entities with a variety of investments, including commercial paper and short-term investments, marketable debt securities and equity investments. In her role as audit manager, she supervises staff and senior accountants as well as overseeing the preparation of financial statements for clients. She is a member of the Alaska State Society of CPAs, an active volunteer with Junior Achievement, and her fluency in Russian is a valuable resource to partners, staff and clients when dealing with international matters.

Mark Mesdag was promoted to a position as senior accountant after serving exceptionally in the tax and attestation practices of ERM. He graduated with honors from Whitworth University and began his career at Moss Adams in 2007. While there, he worked extensively with financial institutions, telecommunication, manufacturing and tribal government audit clients, as well as in tax preparation for real estate, construction and manufacturing clients. He received his CPA in 2008 and joined ERM in 2009. Mesdag plans and executes a variety of attest engagements, delving into the tax research and preparation associated with highly regulated governmental entities and large corporate clients. He specializes in audits of employee benefit plans. A member of AICPA, Mesdag has attended their National Tax Education program. He has also participated in United Way's 2010 Leadership Juneau program.


The Juneau Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) held its annual awards banquet on Dec. 4 at the Hangar on the Wharf Balroom. Distinguished guest speakers included U.S. Coast Guard Sector Juneau's Capt. Melissa Bert, and CAP Baranof Composite Squadron's Deputy Commander Andy Coykendall. The colors were presented by the CAP Cadet Honor Guard. This year's banquet included a Cadet Change of Command ceremony, where Cadet Second Lieutenant Chatham Holt was installed as the new Cadet Commander. The banquet was organized by Senior Member Derron Peterson.

Formed on December 1, 1941, just days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the CAP celebrated 69 years of service this year. The Alaska Wing was created in 1948, and today has 759 senior and 224 cadet volunteers. On Nov. 26, Goc. Sean Parnell proclaimed Nov. 28 thru Dec. 4, 2010 as Civil Air Patrol Week in Alaska, to honor the volunteer service the Civil Air Patrol provides to the citizens of Alaska and the U.S.

CAP awards are given to honor those who serve. Its members are a core of volunteer professionals who donate their time and resources to the organization and are dedicated to service of their community. While members do not receive monetary rewards, they do receive recognition from their peers; along with Squadron, Wing, and National command staff. This year the cadets created a special "Golden Spoon" award for Major Jean Sztuk to thank her for all the meals she tirelessly prepares for them each week.

Juneau CAP award recipients this year were: Cadet Justin Hatch (Senior Airman Award); Senior Member Brent Fischer and Cadet Chatham Holt (Commanders Commendation); Captain Robert MacDonald, Captain Karl Marx and Captain Lisa Marx (CAP Outstanding Achievement); Cadet Tecumseh Steckel, Cadet Matt Abrams and Cadet Kevin Burgess (Certificate of Appreciation); Cadet Alexander Etheridge (Cadet NCO of the Year); Cadet Chatham Holt (Cadet of the Year); Major Jean Sztuk (Senior Member of the Year and Paul E. Garber Award); Senior Member Brent Fischer (Yeager Aerospace Award); Major Martha DeFreest (Gill Robb Wilson Award and Air Force Mission Observer); Captain Robert MacDonald (Air Force Mission Top Flyer); Lt Colonel Ken Nestler, Captain Karl Marx, Captain Lisa Marx, Cadet Myles Kiefer, Cadet Matt Abrams and Senior Member Gordon Brooks (Search and Rescue Find Ribbon).


The following Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School students have been included in the first quarter honor roll of the 2010-2011 school year. Asterisks denote all As.

6th Grade: Eric Aguiar, Brooke Anderson, Garrett Anderson, *Laurinne Balstad, Patrick Banh, Nancy Barnes, *Meghna Bathija, Bethany Bibb, William Blanc, Ulyx Bohulano, Garrett Bosse', Corey Box, *Annaka Brayton, Corbin Brown, Tamara Campbell, *Finn Cole, Caylea Collum, *Coleman Cosgrove, Christopher Coulson, Isaiah Cross, Kyrell de la Rosa, David Delkittie, Heather Druley, Kylee Easley, *Alondra Echiverri, Seth Elisoff, *Tasha Riezl Elizarde, Sierra Ezrre, Tyler Fell, Pedro Franco, *Cecelia Garcia, Bradley Gilbert, Quin Gist, Jonah Gonzales, Sami Good, Jessica Gregg, Karina Guillen Sanchez, Lauryn Guthrie, Cristian Guzman, Caleb Haney, *Brandon Hard, Madison Harper, Kimberly Hart, Kaylee Hartsock, *Ryan Hartsock, *Russell Healy, Nikolaos Hebert, Nicholas Heidersdorf, Mitchell Henderson, *Tauno Hill, Elizabeth Hogue, Carrie Hope, Taylor Hyde, Makoa Iha, Allison Ireland-Haight, Christopher Isaak, Devyn Isaak, Byron Jack, Timothy Janssen, Cameron Jardell, *Calen Jenkins, Christopher Jim, Richard Jim, *Dawson June, Jade Kalk, Thomas Kappler, Lena Kawakami, *Jenae Kesey, *Gabryel Kito, Zoey Kriegmont, Matthew Kulm, *Pierson Lam, Ryan Liebelt, Arnold Martin Lopez, Masen Lowe, Kody Lowry, Michaela Ludwig-Yates, Reuben MacNaughton, Shannon Mason, Mollina Mattice, Jade McCormick, Alyssa McLeod, David Mell, Mirriam Meredith, *Sarah Mertz, Sherrod Miller, Sydney Miller, Honour Miller-Austin, Jordan Milligan, *Hannah Mitchell, Chatham Moser, Navyrena Nauer, Samuel Nolan, Evan Okpik, Riley Olsen, Samantha Olson, Salar Peirovi, Denzel Kyle Pereyra, Cheyenne Petersen, Kiran Rampersad, Cain Ramsey, Janae Reese, Maxwell Renner, Travis Ritter, Georgia Robinson, Victoria Rorem, Mia Ruffin, Gabriel Schmidt, Emily Schnitzius, Ian Scholl, *Eric Schumacher, *Erin Seagren, *Kumud Sehdev, *Aidan Seid, Laurel Sheufelt, McLain Sidmore, Stephen Silides, Dillon Smith, Kieran Smith, *Adam Spiech, Bryce Swofford, Drake Timothy, Alexis Todd-Harding, Chatham Tully, Claire Uchytil, Benjamin Undurraga, Lillian Valdeconza, Tyler Vanderpool, Olivia Varner, *Kelsey Walsh, Abigail Watts, Molly Wells, Patricia Weokoluk, *Megan Weston, Alana Wheaton, Tanisha Williams and Sky Womack.

7th Grade: Cody Adams, Erik Bach, Quincy Bates, *Aakash Bathija, Connor Blackwell, Dante Bonaccorso, Kayla Browning, *Katrina Buchanan, Erin Buhler, Tyler Burns, *Kendie Cabrigas, Austin Carlile, Samantha Chaffin, Jacob Cheeseman, *James Cheng, Varsha Chhabria, Kameron Clark, Gabriel Cohen, Mark Colvin, Jordan Cooper, Sierra Coronell, Le'Neaha DeTienne, Richard Doogan, Scot Douglas, Hunter Duncan, *Gabrielle Duvernay, Cheyenne Elisoff, *Henrizze Joy Elizarde, Olivia Fletcher, Mikaela Florendo, Erica Flores, Antonia Fogg, *Wenshi Fraser, Robert Frawley, Hayley Germeau, *Alexandra Gross, Brett Haffner, Lily Hagerup, Erin Hand, *Laura Harwell, Flynne Hassler, Maya Hayward, Zachary Hebert, Braiden Helf, Dunya Hermann, Sebastian Hernandez-Cuautle, Ian Hoch, *Brian Holst, *Caitlyn Hyatt, Brandon Jack, Alice Johnson, Darnell Jones, Oscar Jones, Regland Jones, Elizabeth Kell, *Forest Kobayashi, *Rylee Landen, Zachary Love, *Emily Lukshin, Ashlee Mabute, Oswaldo Magallanes, Siniva Maka, Thomas McCarthy, Corbin Mitchell, Mikayla Mitchell, Ryan Moritz, Meghan Morris, Marion Morrow, Alexander Muir, Eduardo Munoz, Garrett Nitschke, Julia Noreen, Sejin Oh, Jacob Olangco, Clara Olivares, Samanta Pak, Hunter Pegues, Uziel Perez, Walter Prussing, David Rago, Lydia Rail, Treyson Ramos, Bryan Renkes, Anton Rieselbach, Cammy Ritter, Medora Rorick, Ruth Roys, Alison Schoonover, Jonathan Scudder, Emily Sheakley, Laura Sidney, Jack Siverly, Timothy Staley, Jasmine Stanturf, Benjamin Strickler, Eliza Sutch, *Erin May Taboada, *Soren Thompson, Tulensa Timothy, Kaleb Tompkins, Anna Tran, Mercedes Tran-Kwong, Elizabeth Tucker, Connor Ulmer, Sarah Valentine, Rielly Walsh, *Naomi Welling, Maison Weltzin, Reuben Willis, Ashley Wittwer, *Martina Worden and Adam Zimmerman.

8th Grade: Charity Anderson, Lily Baastrup, Ashleigh Barney, Gavin Beasley, Aurora Bodine, Katie Boerem, Cora Bontrager, *Hannah Brockmann, *Elle Campbell, Cole Cheeseman, Jollene Chup, *Jade Clark, *Katherine Coleman, Laura Coleman, *Michael Dale, Stephanie Dalton, Bailey Davenport, Agnes D'Cafango, Armando DeAsis, Patrice DeAsis, Shannon Dewar, *Chantel Eckland, Amber Ecklund, Hary Czar Elizarde, *Adam Empson, *Sarah Endicott, *Ukiah Engen, *Brita Fagerstrom, Timothy Flanagan, Remberto Franco, Joseph Greenough, Quincy Gregg, Merik Haney, Douglas Harris, *Samantha Heidersdorf, Cheyenne Helmers, Jurny Hinz, RyAnn Hobert, Jason Hock, Connor Hosier, Lawrence Hunt, Patrick James, Katherine Janes, Robert Janes, James Johnnie, Katerina Johnson, Megan Johnson, Rick Johnson, *Bruce Jones, Kayla Jones, Celeste Kalmakoff, *Toni Kelly, Hanna Kim, *Nathan Klein, Dalton L'Allier, Brenda Lamas, *Leah Liebelt, Nakiya Lundy, Jasper Keir MacNaughton, Brady Mallinger, Abigail Maloney-Sheakley, Lillian Marvin, Simeon Mazon, Ian McGonegal, Reece Milks, Trace Mitchell, Kylah Moises, Shane Moller, Logan Moser, *Alicia Norton, *Haley Ogoy, Daria Ostman, Indigo Palmer, Casandra Partin, Manon Paul, Jayme Peratrovich, Victoria Perez, *Adriana Pintang, Tate Pollard, Liam Porter-Bell, Liana Porter-Bell, Henry Prussing, Denise Ramos, Jeremy Reece, Cody Reisenauer, *Emily Reyes, *Victoria Ross, Erika Sangster, Sofia Schneider, *Sinead Scholl, *Gunnar Schultz, *Benjamin Scudder, Carmel Seagren, Megan Seitz, Anthony Sexton, *Megan Sheufelt, *Tessa Smith, *Morgan Spargo, *Danielle Steinman, Dominique Stitt, Dylan Taylor, Erika Tripp, Kaipo Tseu, Chloe Varner, Renee Vonda, Catherine Walsh, Yana Warner, Jesse Watson, *Isabelle Watts, Jonathan Weston, Quinn White, Joshua Williams, Brayden Wrightson, Jasmin Yadao, John Yadao and Ashley Young.

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