Thanks for help during a tough time

Posted: Sunday, December 12, 2010

We would like to thank those who donated and helped with our travel to Sitka and for your phone calls and prayers in the passing of our "Uncle Buddy" (Paul S. Chulik Sr.) on Nov. 2, 2010: Lillian Parduhn, Delores Starr, cousin Catrina Mitchell, Sharon Zuboff, Diane M., Albert Howard, Dave Welch and Andy Lee. Also a special thank you to our dear Auntie Selina Everson for once again being there with us at Sitka and to Albert Kookesh for coming over. Thanks to the people of Angoon and to those at Sitka for all the food they brought over to our Antie isabel's home during our stay at Sitka. If we missed anyone, please forgive us.

Other survivors not listed in the obituary include nephews Larry James Sr., Robert James Jr., Thomas A. James and Timothy James Sr. Nieces are Pauline Paddock, Rose Walker, Vicky Welch, Elena See, Eunice James Lee and Amelia James Kookesh.

Vicky Welch

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