May never vote again


Posted: Wednesday, December 13, 2000

I do not agree with everything Vice President Al Gore stands for. After listening to the decision of the five Republican Supreme Court members who quickly sided with George Bush on Tuesday, I am wondering if, other than some of the Alaskan issues, I will ever vote again in this country.

The electoral college is the only one that actually gets to vote for a president. There is probably no state in this union that has ever had a fair election where the votes were recorded correctly. The five Republican Supreme Court members stated about accountability deadlines: If there is a deadline, no accountability to factual voting results can be enforced.

I feel we are all being made fools of. If the IRS can pull up a lifetime IRS record and see whether you filed on time, we as a people should be able to pull up our lifetime voting record to be sure they recorded our votes accurately.

I found it so unjust that a modern way had been created to disenfranchise voters - hidden behind the "anonymous voting" that was put forth as a really great right, but really it was a way to allow the corruption of olden times to continue into the modern world, to hide how anyone really meant to vote or did vote by giving no way to track each person or to ask them how they meant to vote, or how to check if the government cast their vote correctly to the person they intended.

I feel it is a tragedy in this country that we may never see a truly just voting system in our lifetime.

It is so unjust when the government puts down other countries for their corrupt government and elections when this government is doing it - only through a much harsher route that tends to try and hide the corruption from the public: a Republican-controlled Supreme Court.

Joan Dangeli


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