1984 plus 23

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The corrupt fascist criminal secret-police state, described by George Orwell in "1984," was begun by the Reagan regime before 1984 and has reached its apex under the Cheney-Bush regime.

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For more than 20 years, the fascist criminal regimes of both Bushes and Reagan have purged anyone with democratic or anti-fascist tendencies from the military and intelligence services, while packing the federal courts with fascist prostitute judges. Irrational religious fascist fanaticism has replaced any semblance of reality or fact-based decision making with fascist propaganda, lies, torture and reliance upon U.S. secret police terrorism.

After Cheney, Dumbya, Gonzales, Rice, et al., ignored the real terrorist threat before 9/11, they drove the United States off the Iraq cliff, ostensibly under the direct orders of God. Perhaps after the Iraq fiasco, the loss of most of our constitutional rights, especially privacy, the loss of thousands of American and hundreds of thousand of Iraqi lives, the near doubling of the national debt, the lowering of American prestige around the world, and the near tripling of oil prices, Americans are beginning to realize that the price of electing, or allowing judges to appoint, religious, fanatic, corrupt, lying, fascist criminals to positions of power in the United States is too high.

It took the Germans 12 years to realize that the price was too high under Hitler. It has already taken us 23 years, and the Cheney-Bush-Reagan, corrupt-lying-fascist criminals, together with their co-conspirators in Congress - Ted Stevens, Elizabeth Dole, et al. - are still nominally in power.

Frank Vondersaar


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