Thanks, Empire, for reporting good news

Posted: Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm writing to let you know I appreciate recent efforts to balance your news stories. Earlier this year, I was frustrated with the lack of "good news" and a sensationalist feel to the paper.

Lately, I'm noticing improved coverage of the good news in our schools and the community as a whole. I also think the new Outdoors section is fun (it has given me a new perspective about living in Juneau).

In the Sunday, Nov. 8 edition, you included two articles I cut out and continue to use: One was by Maureen Longworth and the other by Wendy Hamilton. I would like to see another column from each of those women if possible.

Klas Stolpe is getting some great photos and stories as well. The Thursday Arts & Culture section is shaping up nicely. I count on Chester Carson's movie reviews to help me make decisions on what to see.

I'm also impressed that you have been able to fill the Sports section without having to resort to the Tiger Woods angst these past few weeks. Friday's front page story with Dr. Walter Soboleff and Tyler Meyer is awesome. As a high school teacher, I already know how many great teens we have in town, but for those who don't work closely with young adults this is very important coverage.

Thanks again for a much improved paper. Keep up the good work!

Lynn Meyers


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