Prepare to be tested


Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2000

Now that it seems Vice President Al Gore has tucked his tail between his legs and is about to roll over and give up, I'd like to say that as a longtime Green Party member and Ralph Nader supporter, I'm sick and tired of having Democrats tell me that Nader caused Gore to lose.

The truth is, Gore and his troupe of "New Democrats" bungled what should have been a slam dunk against the lightweight likes of Gov. George W. Bush. Instead of trying to bring liberals such as myself and other Greens into the fight, Gore's machine made us out to be the enemy. Instead of welcoming our point of view (which by the way is much closer to the true Democratic platform of the recent past than the bastardized corporate-centrist-moderate platform espoused by current status quo advocates who call themselves liberal only when it suits them), Gore ignored our desire to participate and shunned us.

Gore and the current national Democratic machine get what they deserve - second place.

The truly tragic aspect of this whole election ordeal is now the United States is left hobbled with a barely legitimate president and no sort of cohesive national will. Trust me, the bad guys watch TV. In this atmosphere of disunity I have no doubt our enemies will test us soon. Good luck to us all.

Mark Farmer


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