Poem: Charlotte Beatrice Brown

Posted: Friday, December 14, 2001

Our niece,

She is happy in life

She is excited to be noticed

She never lets a moment pass her by

When she sings our ears love her heart-felt voice

When she smiles we know it is true

When she cares you know that it is real

My niece who never wavers in her strife

My niece who never falters in her life

Looks to her uncles with glee and care

Looks to her aunts who are always there

She is precious, as are my nephews

Who know without her, there is emptiness?

Felt everywhere.

We are a family, just any family

Who cares, loves, respects each other

For their individuality

For their uniqueness which boils forth

When we are all together just being

Together as one

Having fun

Being thankful for the entire time we are together

This is his plan

The good Lord has given us to be?

Just as my niece.

Daniel P. Brown

Daniel Brown is the uncle of Charlotte Brown, who was seriously injured in a car accident last Saturday. The Brown family is asking anyone wishing to donate money to help the Brown family or to send a card to Charlotte to call 586-1221.

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