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Posted: Friday, December 14, 2001

...for all your help

Gastineau's Winter Festival was held on Friday, Nov. 30. There was a huge turnout, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. Children had the opportunity to participate in a cake walk, ice fishing pond, throw snowballs at a snowman, ice bowling, decorate sugar cookies, win a turkey in a turkey shoot, make a mitten ornament, a penguin pin and a snowman bookmark. We also hosted the book fair for holiday shopping, and held a silent auction to benefit Gastineau's breakfast program.

There are many individuals to thank. The Festival could not have happened without their help and support:

Marie Riley and crew for decorating the school for the Winter Festival. What a terrific job they did!

Rebecca and Neil Nesheim for donating the Silent Auction items for the Gastineau Breakfast program and for running the cake walk.

Sheryl Montoya for making the snowman for the "throw snowballs through the snowman" activity. If you didn't get a chance to see it, it was a beautiful work of art. Also Sheryl helped with set-up and takedown.

Toni Mallott for organizing the Turkey Shoot and the book fair. The turkey shoot was a new activity for the Festival and was a huge success. Thank you for organizing it, Toni.

Jackie Dimond for organizing the ice bowling activity, for helping throughout the festival at the different activities and with takedown.

Anitra Waldo for helping with the Costco run for items for the ice fishing pond and dessert table, and for helping with set-up.

Alaska and Proud Market for donating the sugar cookies, frosting and sprinkles for the cookie decorating activity. The children loved this activity.

Coach Hamey and Coach Houston for sending basketball players to help with the turkey shoot. Many thanks to Nicole Lupro, David Jones, Bryan Hamey, and Jake Miller for their help. The children loved that high school players were at our school.

Site Council for purchasing the turkeys for the turkey shoot.

Gary, Rene and Humberto for helping get the school ready for the Festival. Your help with the forklift, moving pianos, cleaning-up after the decorating committee on Thursday and after the Festival on Friday, and all around support is so appreciated. All we had to do was ask and they so cheerfully helped out.

Kim Andrews for playing the piano for the cake walk. We are so fortunate to have your musical talents.

Ruth Simpson for cleaning up the FOGS room and making order out of the disaster.

Girl Scout Troop 24 for their beautiful snowflake decorations.

To the Gastineau staff who helped with the various activities: Victoria Porter, Valleri Collins, Kerensa Funk, Barb Wilmot, Toni Mallot, Shirley Walkush, Sally Honse, Rocky Eddy, and Kathi Riemer. The children loved that you took part in the festival. It is very appreciated.

A very big thank you to all of the parents/grandparents/guardians who helped with decorating the school, helped to oversee the various activities, those that brought in cakes, and also helped with the set-up and takedown. The Festival could not have happened without your support. Thank you!

If we have missed anyone, please know that your support is appreciated. Thank you again to the many volunteers who made this festival a success.

Teresa Nowacki

Kristin Wright

Co-Chairs of Friends of Gastineau School

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