Don't impede pedestrians by stopping in crosswalks

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, December 14, 2003

The other day while making a right turn onto Egan Drive I pulled ahead to check oncoming traffic. As I was waiting for traffic to clear, I noticed that a gentleman was walking in the crosswalk and that my car was blocking his access to the other side of the road. My thought at the time was "oops."

While attending a crosswalk training session this morning at Glacier Valley Elementary, I was reminded that it is illegal to stop your car in a crosswalk and block the pedestrian pathway. It made me think of that gentleman and of the children who are crosswalk users at the intersections by Glacier Valley Elementary.

Please be aware of where you stop your car to make sure you are not blocking the crosswalk or the pedestrian's view of traffic. I will certainly be thinking about where I stop my car.

Denise Guizio

Glacier Valley Elementary crosswalk assistant parent volunteer

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