Will smoking ban apply to state legislators?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, December 14, 2003

I also attended the chamber meeting last week. I am not an owner; rather a patron of a private local club that will close if this exemption is taken away. That is a fact, not just a possibility.

I had been given the opportunity to ask a question of Ms. Cahill, which was: While lobbying to remove all smoking exemptions in the city of Juneau to ensure that workers would not be exposed to secondhand smoke, is it the intent of the Juneau fresh air committee to also remove the same exemption that the state legislators have in the Capitol building? After all, their offices are in a public facility in which many employees work. With skillful dodging, the question went unanswered - rather it was turned into an eulogy for former state Rep. Ramona Barnes.

So I will ask again Ms Cahill: Is it the intent of the committee to also remove the smoking exemption for the state legislators?

Richard Young


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