Governor contradicts himself over wolf issue

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, December 14, 2003

I am writing to comment on the Web article posted Thursday, Dec. 11, entitled: "Murkowski: State won't back off wolf program."

After reading the very last line of the article, I found myself laughing:

"They (animal rights groups) envision this area up there where there is a reduction in the majesty of the wolves, but they never look at the majesty of the moose calf and the rights of that calf to reproduce," Murkowski said.

Is he admitting that animals deserve to be protected or have rights? Look at a previous statement:

"Residents of McGrath have said for years that bears and wolves are eating too many moose calves, leaving them with too little meat for their tables."

What? Does he even realize the contradiction in his statements?

Aren't the wolves being killed so that people will have more moose calves to eat?

What about recognizing the majesty of all life? He sounds confused. What is the real issue here? It sounds like the real issue is ensuring that there is enough "majestic" moose meat for the citizens of Juneau.

Maybe eating some veggies would help clear his mind.

Colleen Pelliccia

Alta Loma, Calif.

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