An old rationale for pipeline

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Although it has been some time since sailing in and out of Valdez on tankers, I can certainly see a similarity with the "selling to drill" in the Arctic reserve now with the old arguments for Prudhoe Bay and Valdez. Our dependency on foreign oil was the tantamount reason for drilling and building the first pipeline. For those folks that can remember back then, it was sold to us on our necessity to own our own oil. None was to be exported as "we" needed it. In the end, it is mostly owned by British Petroleum and we are back in the same old place with the same old arguments.

It is just time for America to get off the oil standard and start thinking of the future. It won't matter if a new pipeline is built. As before, the gas will be exported to whoever pays the highest price. I am glad we have no oil here in Hawaii or the power brokers would soon have the coastline drilled and ruined forever.

Kim Magnuson

Keaau, Hawaii

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